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Look Familiar? You just spent months prepping for an insertion procedure, and are finally to the point that you get to gather the invaluable data that your team needs. Despite your best efforts, you walk away with an unsuccessful insertion, due to either foreign body response or insertion failure. Thousands of dollars and months of effort down the drain. The NeuralGlider Inserter improves insertions, getting you better insertions with less tissue damage.


PEDOT/CNT Flexible MEAs Reveal New Insights into the Clock Gene’s Role in Dopamine Dynamics

Dr. Xinyan Tracy Cui and her lab at University of Pittsburgh developed new probes that can measure neuron activity and dopamine levels simultaneously.  These techniques provided insight as to how circadian rhythms influence dopamine levels in mammals. These custom-made probes were optimized within the Cui lab, so when they used the NeuralGlider Inserter they were able to prevent dimpling and have a standardized and precise targeting in a brain center involved in reward and motor learning.

Recording of pig neuronal activity in the comparative context of the awake human brain

In this groundbreaking study Juan Pascual at UT Southwestern and colleagues implanted penetrating electrodes into the brain of pigs to make specific comparisons to human brain activity. Because the team was using multiple probes that were as thin as 8 micrometers, they used NeuralGlider during implantation to measure the responses of individual neurons, minimizing damage and ensuring the longevity of these probes. NeuralGlider enabled them to implant in pigs, which are low cost large animals, and this is a key step to get to first-in-human brain computer interfaces.

The effect of a Mn(III)tetrakis(4-benzoic acid)porphyrin (MnTBAP) coating on the chronic recording performance of planar silicon intracortical microelectrode arrays

Electrodes interfacing with neurons has a key challenge, in that the immune response reduces the signal over time. In this series of studies to optimize the long-term viability of electrodes, Dr. Jeffrey Capadona and his team at Case Western University coated electrodes with specialized bioactive molecules to minimize inflammation around the electrode. With NeuralGlider, this team was able successfully demonstrate that the MnTBAP enhanced electrode longevity.

Planar amorphous silicon carbide microelectrode arrays for chronic recording in rat motor cortex

With NeuralGlider, this team at UT-Dallas was able to insert electrodes as thin as 8 micrometers in diameter (1/10 the size of a human hair!) Implants lasted as long as 4 months.

Bending Electrode
Bending Electrode

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